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Too Chilly For A Splash?

It's bracing, chilling and even shocking. Cold water can bring health benefits but can also be super dangerous. So make sure you know what you're doing before you enter the water. 

Top of The List for Winter 2021/22

Restube Active on a wetsuit

Top of our list of must haves this year is the newly designed Restube Active. With a design overhaul for 2021 - Outdoor Swimmer magazine's editor Simon Griffiths described the change in pouch design as "smaller and neater" meaning it "closes better so the pouch flap doesn’t come loose and cause drag".

As a small pouch that clips to you (with potential to activate a significant float from it instantly) there's so many reasons why Restube is a good choice. Even if you're a strong seasoned swimmer there's always a chance you or your loved ones might need it. With it being so subtle as you swim, it's easy to add it into your kit without any hassle. 

One Quick Tug

Restube as a tow float

Yet with one quick tug in the water, you've got a formidable bright yellow float at your hands! Rest on it, signal ashore with it or even help a friend in need with it. The great thing is you don't even need to use an emergency CO2 cartridge to inflate it, as you can blow into it manually if you want to create a standard tow-float for the day too.

It's pretty incredible to think that what comes from such a tiny Restube Active pouch creates a whopping 75N of buoyancy (for context that's more than most buoyancy aids!)

Float To Live

Signal for help with Restube Active

As you're planning your safe swim, we suggest getting a Restube Active in your kit bag to give you another layer of protection - so you can swim secure in the knowledge that you have Restube by your side. Remember the advice from the RNLI:

Helping a friend with Restube

Floating can be a challenge for us all, especially if caught up in cold rough waters. Your Restube could help you float to live. One quick tug and you instantly have a support to hold onto - helping to get time for you to get calm, think and try to get yourself out of danger.


Discover more about Restube (including the special 'starter pack' bundle) visit restube.co.uk to order your new 2021 design Restube Active today.

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Images used with permission thanks to @we_swim_run, @mark_smith1891, @thedalesdipper.