Manual Inflate Option

Use as a Tow Float

Restube is a tow float for swimmers too. Simply use the manual inflation point just like a normal tow float.

Restube Tow Float

It won't hold you back

Subtle Yet Ready

With a subtle design that won't hold you back, Restube is ready to deploy when you want it. Latest designs at the Official UK Restube shop.

Latest New Designs

How Restube Water Safety Aid Works

Always with you

Pull the trigger

Now you have time

Draw attention

Stay agile

Help others

Restube is for Safe Swimming, SUP, Extreme Water Sports and Beach Visits.

Give it a quick tug for instant inflation. Just one tug and you can swim secure in the knowledge that you have at tow float in Restube.

Small and robust, always on hand

A pull on the trigger opens the CO2 cartridge & fills the buoy in seconds

Restube PFD is a Buoyancy Aid ideal for SUP Stand Up Paddle Board. Swim and SUP and extreme watersports

Enough buoyancy for an adult

Just lean over Restube & the buoyancy lifts your head above the water

Sustainable wild swimming


Screw in a new original CO2 cartridge & Restube is immediately ready for use again or manually inflate without a cartridge

Tow float so you can swim secure in the knowledge Restube is a tow float and inflatable safety swimming device

Also inflatable as a tow float

Each Restube also has a mouth valve for inflating & deflating so you can swim secure in the knowledge you have a tow float too


Don't Lose Your Place

Restube Active aligns vertically or horizontally to your body. For serious swimmers there's also an optional Positioning Bar included.

For Serious Swimmers


Over 150,000 Restube sold and more than 40 lives saved worldwide


As Reviewed by Outdoor Swimmer magazine πŸŠπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

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